1,300 Things to Be Thankful for Week 5

by shelbyisrad

(not putting pictures this week because i just want to use all the ones from vacation so far.)

Documenting the blessings of everyday. idea from Stephanie Violet. Click here for the other weeks.

101. The austin family.

102. Zaxby’s chicken nuggets! (and sharing them with sarah)

103. Evening beach walks and finding treasures

104. Muffins

105. laying around all day to rest up for a concert.

106. Re-painting my nails funky colors, crafting and making cards.

107. falling asleep reading on a pile of blankets on a balcony in the afternoon

108. Yummy meatball subs

109. Being the closest person to Bo of needtobreathe at the show.

110. Being so close I could touch Bo without having to move my arm much.

111. Being right next to a speaker to perch on in between sets.


113. Sweating, singing, and dancing along with hundreds of other people who share love for good music.

114. Getting a pick from Bo, that he used a majority of the show 🙂

115. snatching up the setlist before the drunk people behind me could.

116. Getting, hugs, hand shakes, pictures, and autographs from Bo, Bear, Seth, Joe and Josh (their touring keyboardist)

117. Getting to chat with all the band members.

118. Going to the beach and that sticky salty feeling you get afterwards… also salty beach hair. ❤

119. The SC Aquarium.

120. Bad directions from a guy in a bike taxi that create a good long walk to yummy food. (and the sore calf muscles afterwards)

121. Jestine’s Restaraunt… i think there will be a Jestine’s in heaven.

122. 15 months with Robbie dearest

123. Fruit by the foot

124. Beef Jerky!! (i crave the strangest things a certain time every month)

125. Vacationing with musicians… 🙂