4 Stories: Library

by shelbyisrad

Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest is hosting a ‘4 stories‘ series and this month’s topic is library!

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ONE. Elementary

One of my favorite memories and only memories of elementary school was thanks to the library. Our school had the ‘accelerated readers program’ which for me was an excuse to read AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE as often as possible. I think that also may be why i was pale even as a kid in Florida, i would rather snuggle in my bed with my books then be out in the hot sun.

TWO. Middle

I loved sixth grade in middle school because I was a ‘library cadet’. I basically worked in the library, shelving books, checking out books for other students and reading books after i shelved them all. Sometimes i’d be shelving books and get intrigued by one and sit in a corner and read until the Librarian reminded me to get back to work.


The summer before high school my Grandpa took me to the library in southport and I signed up for my first official library card. I remember asking him if he liked my signature and being super excited about it. Sadly I didn’t use it much, i just spent all my money from my report cards/bday/christmas buying books. Which i liked more than the library because i could read them over and over and over.

FOUR. College

I was in a state of bliss when I found the fiction section at the library in UNCW I was so excited I couldn’t pick just one book and took so long I didn’t check out any my first time because I was nearly late for class. (and I don’t like being even close to late) But soon the library and I became best friends, especially freshmen year. I couldn’t get work done there after a while though, i’d be sitting there working on a paper and see an interesting book title and get waaay to distracted. πŸ™‚