1,300 Things to be Grateful for Week 6

by shelbyisrad

Documenting the blessings in life, big and small. Don’t forget to see the originator of 1300 things here. and see the other weeks here.

126. Vacation was lots of fun

127. Coming home and getting back to work, i always want to remind myself that many people don’t have work. I am mega blessed to have my job!

128. Baby Everett! My dear friends Kim and Joel just had their first child. he is a healthy adorable little guy! i cannot wait to meet him in person!

129. Free coffee samples in the mail.

130. Really good, pretty colored pens.

131. the $1 bin at michael’s having a ton of great stamps

132. The moon, its so gorgeous!

133. A clean room, even if it takes 3 or 4 hours to get clean. (i need to work on being tidier)

134. My kindle!! I have read SOOOOO much more now!!!

135. Sleeping for 12 hours, then laying in bed all day reading.

136. Sleeping in TWO days in a row!

137. Ice cream…. i think this is the summer of ice cream.

138. Having a camera and being able to document life.

139. Writing in my journal again.

140. Kind text messages from friends.

141. Talking to my Jayme su on the phone!

142. Really big, cute totes!

143. Lots of pillows and blankeys

144. Really good music.

145. Grandma is doing so wel.

146. Good doctors

147. Seeing my roommates even if it was only for an hour.

148. Slow dancing to jazz music

149. Humming birds

150. Comfy sandals.