Vacation 6

by shelbyisrad

This is late… and I’m planning to get day 7 done sometime tomorrow!

and eeep! just realized i also have to get my 1,300 things to be grateful post ready for tomorrow!

Well here are pictures from Monday on vacation, Sarah wasn’t feeling well so Robbie and I went into Charleston together while Sarah and the grown ups stayed back at the condo

We went to The market, which used to be the slave market but now is a bunch of different vendors.

That otters was hand carved!

More vendors in the market

We had lunch at a YUMMY Irish Pub Tommy Condon’s


Shops we visited, I bought some tea from the spice and tea exchange, haven’t tried it yet though! I need to soon!

This shop was awesomesauce. we spent a lot of time there. the raw stones made me swoon!

Then we went to this DELICIOUS cupcake shop called, Cupcake (imagine that!) the middle picture is an example of their MEGA cupcakes!! doesn’t that look GOOOOD!?! and our red velvet cupcakes were SOOOO good!

and we ended the night with robbie (with help of Dad) making yummy mexican noms.