What are people surprised to learn about you?

by shelbyisrad

WordPress gave me this prompt and I figured its a good way to keep up the blogging….

Some things people are suprised to learn about me

  • I’m 20 (some think i’m older, some younger)
  • I’m considered an ‘orphan’ by the state of NC
  • I like to eat a LOT
  • My last name is Yugoslavian
  • I’m not Yugoslavian (my father was adopted by a yugoslavian woman)
  • I don’t have my license
  • I have 70ish chickens
  • I know a lot about chickens
  • I tend to prefer fruits and veggies to anything else
  • I think Orange juice is GROSS (oranges and anything orange flavored too)
  • I don’t know how to swim.
  • I can’t light a lighter… or light a match either! (i can do those big grill lighters that you just press the button)
  • I don’t like stupid humor. (family guy, etc.)
Now i ask you… what are people surprised to learn about you?