Some day and lately.

by shelbyisrad

  • Some day i will get back into the habit of blogging again (hopefully soon)
  • Some day i will learn to sew
  • Some day i will finish the many books i need to read
  • Some day i will learn calligraphy
  • Some day i will conquer my fear of being underwater
  • Lately i have been working like crazy
  • Lately i have been sleeping every chance i get
  • Lately i have been shopping a little
  • Lately i have been dreaming of my grandpa and work
  • Lately i have been itching to be crafty, get creative with my new journal and have a cool idea for the 30 days of lists i’m doing in September.
I miss blogging, and i miss having free time. But I will be missing a paycheck soon.
School is starting very soon and hopefully i will get back into the habit of blogging.
I am not ready for fall, time is passing by WAY too fast.