Good bye summer (almost)

by shelbyisrad

Summer is drawing to an end. It went by WAAAY too fast!!
I am going to Charlotte on friday to see Sarah (my boy’s sister) playing her first real gig! I loove her and she is such a great lyricist and singer I cannot wait to be there and be able to support her! Plus, it’ll be the last fun thing of summer before I move into UNCW on Sunday! AHH!

I’m excited to spend the weekend with the Austins before getting back into the grind of school. I’ve got a lot of packing to do…. luckily all my winter clothes/decorations/kitchen stuff never got taken out of their boxes so mostly i’ll be packing up my clothes i’ve worn this summer and a few odds and ends.

And I need to buy new bedding! I’m moving up into the world of a full bed! no more twin for me!! Idunno what colors all my stuff is though lol its kinda just a jumble, i’m thinking i might just try to find some black/white bedding or grey something neutral. We shall see 🙂

Heres a grainy photobooth picture to add something more to this post…

I looove bubble gum.

And apparently exclamation points (!!!)