by shelbyisrad

Right now i am laying on my favorite beach towel in the still dew covered grass in the shady part of the yard.

I am still in my pajamas, which consist of a too-big pair of gym shorts i took from my middle school boyfriend, when we were good friends in high school. (He’s still a great friend and I haven’t seen him in way too long) as well as plain grey tank top that i think i got from walmart and is miley cyrus brand haha.

The dew has started to seep through my towel and my clothes are a little damp, but the breeze is nice and this guy is keeping me company.

I had planned to play some music, but instead the sounds of some squawking ladies are keeping me company. Though i’m pretty sure its mostly the men-folk who are making all the noise (No, roosters do not crow in the morning…. they crow all dang day!) I am thinking about going to get my Lucy dog to join me but she’d most likely end up laying all over me because she’s not  a fan of wet grass so I probably won’t.

I’m not sure theres a real point to this post… But i really want to get back in the habit of blogging, and the best way to do that is well to just do it. (hello nike) While I don’t think i have very many readers or know if anyone really cares what i write about writing is good for me. I love to get my voice out there in some small way. Its good for my soul.

I’m starting something soon with my dearest friend Jayme, I can’t wait to tell you more about it.  I also am borrowing her guitar and will hopefully be a rock star soon! (hah)

As you know I am moving in on sunday and well… I  haven’t really packed…. i did go to the garage and figure out which boxes i’m taking with me
Progress… kinda 😀

Random: I think i’m going to work on a post soon of some of my favorite blogs to read… they’re are some magnificent bloggers out there who I adore and I want to share them with you! It’ll happen, and hopefully soon.


And I really need to go to the post office…

thats all.