Blogging and inspiration

by shelbyisrad

So I still haven’t gotten back to my blogging routine. But I’m participating in 30 days of lists this month and one of my goals is to blog 2 times a week here (and at least once a week at my new blog with Jayme). My other goals are to exercise, read my bible, and stay on top of my homework… and i’m sure there was another but now i can’t remember. haha. I’ll be sharing my lists next week after i’ve done a few and taken pictures.

So I love love love my classes this fall, especially Yoga (my PE credit) which is blissful to me and my Communications with Deaf and Hearing Impaired…. its fascinating and I’ll get to learn a bit of sing language too! I’m also becoming really obsessive about protecting my ears/hearing.

On to the inspiration part, my room at school is great, its nice and roomy i’m loving my decorations but i hate one aspect of it…. MY DESK IS SUCH A MESS! It has been from day one, which is ridiculous! Today while reading the blogs in my feeder I stumbled on to this gorgeous post by the lovely and talented Kelly Hicks and I was IN AWE at how GORGEOUS her desk is and now want to get home clear mine off and organize it all to be appealing and useful (which it is not right now).

Here are two pictures but you NEED to click on that link up there and look at the rest… maybe I will have some half that beautiful after I re-organize!


The flowers and pencils are magic.


Its perfect! And that carpet looks soo soft!

Again those pictures are Kelly’s and seriously, go check out her site right now!

Click here.