Waking up to rain

by shelbyisrad

A little confession about me: I am terrified of thunder. Especially when I go to sleep and there is no storm and wake up to a loud boom. It scares me and shakes me to my core. I do have my reasons for this fear, I won’t go into them, but thunder and I just aren’t very good friends.

I do, however, love rain… its beautiful, soothing, and I love stomping in puddles. Both thunder and rain bring out a child in me… but thunder brings out the scared, unsure child; while rain brings out the adventurous, fun-loving child in me. Finding a balance between adventure and fear is one of my biggest struggles in life.

And honestly, fear wins out more often than adventure does…

Since becoming a Christian as a young teen I’ve always been taught that ‘God is not a God of fear’, and that ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’… but I often don’t feel that I’ve truly learned it. I am always fearful of doing things big or small; I hesitate and struggle with stepping out in many ways. It could be something simple (and silly) like wearing an outfit that I’m not sure of. Or something major like sharing my testimony with a friend or group of people, or even applying for a position in an organization on campus.

But I have learned that when I close my thoughts to the fear and step out on my faith God always carries me through. No matter how shaky I am when I open my mouth to share my testimony, when I do it and the response from people is astounding. Lives are changed, my story touches people. When I applied for that organization, I actually got elected! When I wear that outfit people love it (silly, i know.)

No matter if its big or small I am always amazed that when I close my eyes, shut out the fear and take a step I am stepping closer to God and he always, always carries me through.