Seven Day Push

by shelbyisrad

As part of the Fall Semester 2011 Goals I have set for myself (which i’ll share soon) I want to weekly participate in Ashley’s seven day push. I’m signed up as a participant and will even hopefully do a guest post or two in the future for her! You should check it out and join here!

So Seven Day Push is basically a new weekly challenge/goal to particpate in posted every sunday… this week is Spend No Money…

which I already messed up… but the purchase was supposed to be made yesterday, however i fell asleep. and I saved a lot of money by doing it today and using a coupon code (i printed a TON of pictures on snapfish)

So starting NOW i will not spend any money for 7 days… or do my best not to… I do know I’ll have to pay for a physical this week but i’m not counting it because I HAVE to get it or my PE class will get dropped. So other than that I will not be spending any money. I also want to write down any amount I would spend this week when I don’t… like if my roommates want to go out for coffee or froyo… then all that money at the end of the week I’ll put in my savings. 🙂

I also just want to be more conscious of the money i’d be spending and focus on saving saving saving.

Wish me luck!!
And join me as well!