Fall Semester 2011 Goals

by shelbyisrad

I’ve finally decided on a list of goals for the semester. I hope to accomplish or begin working on these goals by December 31st (some I won’t just finish then but will be in the progress of doing and continue to do them!)

  1. Read FIVE books for Pleasure -I actually have already read one… so only 4 to go but I want to beat the heck out of this goal and read way more!
  2. Learn To Bake Bread -First step is getting bread pans from Grandma’s… then I’m recipe hunting
  3. Work hard to Make Straight A’s -If I don’t make them I will be okay with it but I want all A’s!
  4. Exercise/work on wellness -I’ll have to be doing physical activity and logging it for PE but I also want to work on eating right and the social/spiritual aspects as well
  5. Blog TWICE a week on EACH blog -Not only this one but my blog Kindred Musings with my friendi-poo Jayme 🙂
  6. Write more letters -I haven’t decided on a number each week but I just want to write more in general
  7. Knit! Actually complete a project -first I’m going to buy some wooden needles i actually like… then I’m going to ask Joan (grandma’s good friend) for tips on reading patterns and to help me perfect ‘purl’ stitch
  8. Start Vlogging -this one will be… interesting. haha
  9. Read the bible Daily/ Complete Blitz The Bible -Check out our 100 day reading plan for Blitz the bible HERE.
  10. SAVE MONEY.  -I still need to determine an amount…
  11. Learn about Night Photography -I’ve got some links/videos saved to start dabbling in it
  12. Complete September’s 30 Days of lists -I am loving this one and yesterday got caught up on all the ones i missed
  13. Join a club! I want to join craft club… and just get more involved
  14. Seven Day Push –weekly goals that will often help with these other goals I have set. (check it out HERE)
  15. Get organized -I want to buy a bigger planner with more space to write… plan out blog posts, letters i want to write, a work out schedule, meals, etc.)
  16. Do something with my hair! -bangs, feathers, trim my layers…. all of the above. 🙂