Seven Day Push!

by shelbyisrad

I waited to post about this past weeks Seven Day Push because it was Random Acts of Kindness! And I didn’t want to spoil the surprises I had planned!

It feels wrong to tell about what I did… kind of braggy but I promise thats not my intent at all!

For Random Acts of Kindness I did a few things.

The first was put $10 in my friend’s bank account (i don’t think she noticed though which made me feel extra sneaky :D)

Then I gifted the new NeedToBreathe album (buy here.) to two of my friends who i knew LOVED them and wanted it but didn’t have spare money.

I also bought Robbie the new Switchfoot CD (signed!) at the concert we went to but told him I was buying it for myself then later wrapped it and gave it to him as a ‘because i love you gift’

But money isn’t the only ways to show kindness, so I made sure to always open the door or hold the door open for people I was near.

and I really enjoyed giving sincere compliments to those i encountered.

and i smiled at anyone I walked past and made eye contact with. 🙂

It was a great week and being aware of the ways I could show kindness to those around me was really fun!

I am excited for this coming weeks Seven Day Push ‘stop self sabotage’ and i’ll blog about my goals/plans for this week tomorrow hopefully!



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