What I wore (wedding and church)

by shelbyisrad

Last week I got fancied up a few times.
Normally i make cute little collages on picnik… but picnik and I got into a fight… it wouldn’t upload my pictures so you’ll just get lots of pictures… enjoy. 😀

I went to a wedding with Robbie on saturday. it was FUN (they had a cotton candy machine!)
My dress was SEVEN DOLLARS! From Dilliards! When we were in Richmond they were closing and everything was on super sale. 😀
The tights were 3.99 from Ross
Shoes are mega old from senior year of high school but i love them and wear them all the time 🙂

I also wore this sparkly silver cardi… got for super cheapy cheap at the closing Dilliards.

I also got some little feather extensions you can see really well there. I am in love with them!

This picture is my new favorite!!!

Here’s outfit two!

Same tights from the wedding… Thrifted Banana republic Cardi, Consignment dress (Platos Closet)
Charlotte Russe wedges!

pearls from grandma 🙂

The pictures are kinda foggy because the lense fogged up and robbie (my favorite photographer ;)) didn’t notice.
But he did a nice detail shot without me even asking! hehe

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