Stepping on my soap box

by shelbyisrad

Today I’m stepping onto my soap box to say.
Stop obsessing over your calories, your hair, what you said to someone,
You only get this one chance… don’t feel guilty if you have dessert before dinner on occasion.
Don’t feel silly for wearing something that most people don’t, if you love it, if it makes you happy, ROCK IT. OWN IT.
It drives me batty to hear people guilt trip themselves over an occasional indulgence.
As long as your are healthy and taking care of yourself feel free to eat an extra s’more or scoop of ice cream.
Blow bubbles, laugh loudly, listen to music YOU like (even if no one else likes it)
As long as you are not damaging your self then GO FOR IT.
Stop worrying about what people think, they’re just people, they’re probably to worried about their own stuff and they’re probably not thinking about you anyway.(just being honest)

Seriously people, stop being so serious, indulge in things that make you happy. SMILE. Say hi to a stranger.
HOLD THE DOOR OPEN FOR THE PEOPLE BEHIND YOU. Recognize beauty, sincerely compliment someone, ask a kid what their favorite book is. Do yourself and the world a favor and SMILE.
Choose Joy and SPREAD JOY.

Thats all.
*steps off soap box*

And if you have some killer (read awkward) dance moves to do near a parking lot. just do them. its more fun that way!