How To:

by shelbyisrad

A quick post on how to take yourself on a date.

Step 1 Put on a cute dress and a grandpa sweater if you’re cold natured (jeans and a tee if you’re a dude)

Step 2 Stop at your mail box if needed (and find happy mail!)

Step 3 Put on some jams (NeedToBreathe is always a perfect choice)

Step 4 Walky walk walk šŸ™‚

Step 5 Order your yummies. (blueberry muffin and iced coffee with extra cream and sugar)

Step 6 Sit in the sun and munch, sip, and read.

Step 7 Finish your coffee, throw away half of your muffin if it wasn’t very good, gather your things and walk back to get ready for yoga class! (or wherever else you’re heading)