Happy Monday

by shelbyisrad

Today is a day where i just felt simply happy. I kind of felt like the luckiest girl in the whole world.
Even when things went wrong (no computer because i left my charger at home, sleeping through a coffee date with a friend i haven’t seen in months, forgetting about an assignment and having to do it all last minute) the day was just so wonderful and lovely.

Even without a computer charger or computer i got my assignments done because my sweet roommates let me use their computers. Though I missed one coffee date I got to have another with my friend Cassidy, I also was able to give her my SC card with all the pictures from her birthday party. The weather was GLORIOUSLY beautiful and I loved going to and from places and feeling the sunshine and the cool crisp air.

My one class was really cool and we had a guest speaker, i’ve also been connecting with my professor a lot in that class and I always look forward to it. This afternoon i took a short accidental nap, spent time with my roommates just watching TV, and my hero for the day Josh rescued me and is lending me his spare computer charger so my Mac and I are together again!

I also filled out an application to become a leader for Lifepoint’s youth ministry and I am SOOOOOOO excited about it. I have missed being a leader and getting to invest in girl’s lives.

I am so blessed to live this life. I am thanking God for the difficulties and the beauty he makes out of it all.