The rejoicing part

by shelbyisrad

My post yesterday was angry and negative… two things i can never allow myself to remain. My optimism resonates to the core of my being and while sadness affects me deeply I have learned not to let it linger in my heart. So I have to share the joys in life too.

  • I am a leader for the Lifepoint Middle School girls…. and while I missed our first meeting this new adventure is going to be so good for my heart!
  • This weekend I was a part of a production that in four days helped bring 361 people to Christ and 194 people re-dedicated their lives to him. I am so humbled to play a part in the kingdom.
  • My Jayme found a church home and church family in Michigan… i’ve been praying for that for a very long time! She deserves to be swarmed by love!
  • I have plans to seek out a mentor and am really excited to start pursuing this… its something i really need.
  • I am beyond beyond blessed to have the Campbells in my life. They are so loving to me, and this weekend I got to see Paula shine, she is a huge role model of a Godly woman and Mom. And her and Rob are such a beautiful picture of God’s love for me. Something that I have not had much of growing up. And the girls always speak so much love to me and don’t know how they touch me. Avery is so amazingly passionate about her gift from God (dance) and she astounds me with her talent. And Reagan’s got such a wonderful child’s innocence in her growing to know God and Jesus… its inspiring one of many things she said to me this weekend was “Shelby, no matter what you’re doing or how far away you go you’re always in my heart. I will always protect you and pray for you.” y’all she is FIVE! I swear the world would be a better place if they shared her love for people!
  • And setting this picture of her as my computer background definitely brings me smiles