Pumpkin Patch

by shelbyisrad

On Tuesday last week Robbie and I went to the ‘pumpkin patch’ near campus. I couldn’t find my SD card before we left (it was under my blanket. which is not very surprising if you know the state of my room lately) so these were just snapped quickly with robbie’s phone.

I thought these gourds were really neat… i bought some smaller ones like them. 🙂

That pumpkin was HUGE

Not the most flattering picture. lol (look at that pumpkin though! HUGE)

I saw this pumpkin sitting up right and said “Look it has a mouth!” Robbie snickered and did that! lol


These are the pumpkins i picket out! Robbie and the roommates thought the ones i picked out were funny…. they’re both bumpy and lumpy and the orange one’s bumps are green.

We had to get fall drinks after picking out pumpkins i got apple cider with a cinnamon stick in it and caramel…. he got a pumpkin pie frappacino.

And yes, yes I did wear socks with my Toms.