“I do” (not the wedding I do….)

by shelbyisrad

I saw this pin in pintrest and FELL. IN. LOVE.

Source: buyosphere.com via Shelby on Pinterest

I’ve decided that when I have a home of my own I will re-create it and have it hanging somewhere.
But for now I’m going to do a longer version of things ‘In my life, I do’ instead of ‘In this house, we do’

I do second chances, and third, and fourth.

I do messy, mistakes, and loud really well.

I do family, I do friends, I do friends who are more like family

I do silly, fun, and child-like.

I do bubbles, stuffed animals, blankeys, and candy.

I do dessert before dinner.

I do music.

I do being a fan of musicians in an obsessive way.

I (try to) do Grace, modeling Jesus, and building a relationship with Him.

I do baking.

I do snail mail.

I do kindness, love, and hugs.

I do texts to say ‘I care’.

I do blogging, tweeting, facebook and any other form of social media I can get my hands on.

I do celebrations.

I do birthday weeks and even months when I can get away with it.

I do sleeping in, staying up late, and falling asleep during every movie i watch.

I do old game show reruns. (match game 74, card shark, 25,00 pyramid and REALLY old family fued)

I do “i’m sorry, i suck sometimes”, “you’re right”, and “please forgive me”

I do flowers in vases, pet fish, and pretty painted finger nails.

I do procrastination way too well.

I do pictures, crafts, and letters.

I do smiles, laughter, and tears.

I do real, emotional, and sometimes crazy.

I do the beach more often in the winter.

I do coffee, cereal without milk, and tacos.

I do encouragement and compassion.

I do me. (that sounds kinda gangster)