by shelbyisrad

My boyfriend wrote a sonnet about love…. it is quite amazing and I just had to share it with you all*

What beauty, grace and wisdom lie within,
your supple body oh so small and lithe.
With eyes able to penetrate the dim,
yet soft enough to pass the day in blithe.
A voice as soft as coats worn all year long,
and legs more often in the air than not.
When happy you shall sing your purring song,
and all the world could be your lounging cot.
Your prickled tongue gives quite a wake-up call,
although your breath could peel the paint from wood!
When you can’t get your way, you let a squall.
I’d soothe you, but it would do us no good.
My closest friend; please judge me not for that!
For all this blather, he is but my cat.

~Robbie Austin


Just one of the many reasons we understand and love each other. We are cat people.

Also my lovely friend Erin is auditioning for The Glee Project.

Please go watch** and like her audition! (Click here)


*- it felt weird to type out ‘you all’ but ‘y’all’ didn’t seem appropriate before a Shakespearean sonnet.

**- even if you don’t feel like watching just click the link and click the like button!