Magic Tuesday

by shelbyisrad

One of my favorite bloggers, Elise does a post every monday called ‘magic monday’ it always inspires me and makes me want to do the same but I always forget to do it on Monday so today I present you Magic Tuesday. Its simply a post celebrating the magic of life.

Like a Saturday spent completely and totally in pajamas. Only getting off the couch to eat, or get another blanket.

And Finishing my first ever sewing project!! A rice pack filled with jasmine rice and keeping me toasty warm…. its pretty much always by my side now. Also making some great progress on my knitting! I want to finish my scarf SOON!

A scary night (a gunman was on our campus. everyone is fine) turning into a sleepover with Jessica in our entry way with piles of blankets.

Talking with friends I miss entirely too much.

Always finishing homework assignments in the nick of time.

Finishing a good book!



This conversation on twitter:

Me: Adele. I heart you.

Aubrey (@aubreyplays): Amen

Me: Her voice is like magic to my heart.

A: And power to my soul

Me: Yes.