Heart break

by shelbyisrad

Today i made a really hard decision, and i carried it out and I broke two hearts in the process.

I broke Robbie’s and I broke mine. I have never in my life been in the position of breaking up with someone and I hated it, but I needed to do it.

For several months I have lost my sense of self in this relationship and i was hurting because of it.

I let the relationship take precedent over my relationship with Jesus and I was suffering because of it.

While I was happy I felt drained of joy. I have felt distant from God and I was the one who walked away.

In order to get back I had to end things with Robbie. and in hurting him i have hurt myself too because I do love and care about him so much. And as I should’ve expected he took it so much better than I did. He was strong and caring and held me when I cried. (and i was a crying mess) I was seriously blessed to spend the past two years with him. I don’t doubt that if we are meant to be together God will bring us back together in a time where were are both stronger people and ready for it.

I would love your prayers for my heart because i am seriously broken. And of course pray for Robbie, he is so sweet and I know this is  so hard for him too and i feel awful that i broke his heart. Broken love is never good but I know good will come of it. and I am thankful Robbie told me that he will always be here for me. He truly is a wonderful guy and he gave me far more grace than i deserved. But thats the beauty of grace isn’t it?

I also would really like accountability about reading my bible… anyone willing to send me texts/emails daily asking if i have read and what I read? I would really like that a lot.

So this is the next chapter in my life, and I know while I will hurt now God will heal my heart and be my strength.