Me, things you may not know

by shelbyisrad

1. I totally judge books by their covers. And I’ve never been disappointed… pretty/interesting/neat cover= good book.

2. When i hurt people i hurt myself too. and that sucks.

3. If I was on an island by myself and could only listen to one musician forever it would be NeedToBreathe

4. My Grandma is my best friend.

5. I don’t like sandwiches… i’d rather just eat it without the bread

6. Crime shows are my favorite (but i have nightmares if i don’t see them solved)

7. I hate hate hate non-happy endings. (and i get really emotionally involved in movies/books)

8. I like ‘young adult/teeen’ fiction more than adult fiction.

9. I can sleep anytime/anywhere. Its kinda like a super power.

10. My legs are so much longer than my torso that i cannot touch my toes

11. I took Karate for 3ish years

12. I am a morning person, though i also love to stay snuggled in my bed…. i sleep with 4 pillows lots of stuffed animals and 6 or so blankets

13. I cannot sleep well without either music or TV

14. I have running lists of possible names for my future children, songs i want in my wedding, places i want to visit, movies i want to see and books i want to read.

15. I love to write.