by shelbyisrad


This morning as I lie here listening to three of my greatest friends breathing deeply in their sleep I am overcome with a sense of love, peacefulness  and absolute joy. I’m lying here talking to Jesus reading (left my bible at my lifegroup sunday) and having worship to the sound of three heavy sleepers.

I have not felt this blessed or blissful in a long time. These girls have made this the most wonderful week and have helped me so much in receiving healing for my wounded heart.

Every laugh, smile, snort, hug, cuddle, and proclomation of ‘i love you’ have healed the cracks in my heart.

Every look we’ve given each other, every shout, song sun, game played and piece of internet shared have soothed me.

It has made me feel closer to God and closer to myself and the person I am becoming. These girls are heaven sent and mean the world to me.

(this picture is kinda terrible of all of us but it cracks me up so much)

So is every person I’ve had the privilege to spend any time with this week or even talk to.  God’s timing is always so perfect and he knows the ways to make me feel safe and assured. I have felt so close to him just being near these people who love me so completely and unconditionally.

We’ve been a mass of tangled legs and arms and have probably not let go of each other for more than 15 minutes without grabbing for a hand or hug or just laying across each other.

To say I am blessed or thankful is the understatement of the year, but oh I so am.