Walking the walk…

by shelbyisrad

I feel like i’m on the cusp of this new start, a new beginning. Its the beginning of a new month and its so full of possibility. In fact i feel this just about every new month, but with my recent break up I feel like i have an even more urgent need for new. I’m not much of a doer… I often complain about how the days go by way too quickly and I think they go by so quickly because I don’t DO anything with them. My life these days is school, homework, TV, internet, and spending time with my roommates. That time spent with my roommates is the only thing I treasure about life lately.

In my head I have all these ideas and dreams, all these things I want to do, In the beginning of fall i wrote out a list of goals for the end of the year and I SUCKED at all of them. I didn’t try very hard to keep up with them and I’ve continuously kicked myself for that.

I tell my close friends all the time to take chances, be daring, try hard. I tell friends to live life, have fun, do what you want. And I have not even taken my own advice… I mean i’ve done little things lately: I bought myself an advent calendar because i never had one.  I played with glitter, glue, and construction paper yesterday because i was feeling crafty. But these are rare things I do. I’m really tired of not walking the walk I talk so much.

I often feel I don’t keep up with these things I dream about or want to do because i don’t have accountability… and its true… all these things would be SOOO much easier if I did have accountability. But I don’t know when I decided anything I do in life I’m only going to do well only  if I have someone asking me every day if I’m doing it. I’ve felt so frustrated by myself lately and so the need to DO something has been even stronger

There are two lovely bloggers who inspire me daily with their post… I don’t think they even know I exist with their thousands of readers I’m just a blip on their radar but these two women inspire me so greatly. They are my role models in life, one of the main things they have in common is they are strong individuals. They have several other things in common too and even more differences but they just live life and take chances and experience their worlds with everything they are. Kelle is such a beautiful woman with two amazing daughters and she captures their life with the best pictures and sweetest words. Mandy is also a beautiful woman and mom who is wrestling with herself and her spiritual life. And luckily for me she is doing a lot of it through blogging and it makes me feel okay with all my spiritual wrestling.


This blog by Mandy (and pretty much everything she writes) really got my heart going, and her link to this blog helped fuel it more.I watched this video. And I’m now trying to decide what I’m going to do in the next 30 days… I think i’m going to do three things:

1. Read the new testament in 3o days

2. Take a picture every day

3. Blog as often as possible in this time. (the blogging i cannot realistically commit to doing for 30 days because its going to be a crazy busy season for me)

Most importantly I just want to LIVE and EXPERIENCE this life to the utmost. And I am really tired of letting the days go by un-noticed and complaining about life going so dang fast.

This is a really long post with lots of ramblings! Sorry about that…. i mostly wrote it for me, to get my thoughts down and hopefully you can get something from it too.

Oh and heres my two favorite pictures from yesterday: