A letter to Avery

by shelbyisrad

Avery Peyton Campbell,

First my dear I want to open saying how much I love you, and boy do I love you a lot! You came into my life 2.5 years ago and you were a whirlwind of blonde hair, long legs, and laughter. It didn’t take more than one night of me babysitting before I felt like you were my sister. After that it was always hugs, silliness,and laughter between us. And every time we sat on the couch together you were pretty much in my lap  and your dad was saying “Avery! Not everyone wants you climbing on them” but I never minded much. 🙂

It completely blows my mind that you’re 10 now, well technically 10.5 and you are so grown up it is crazy! You’re going into MIDDLE school next year! I still don’t know how that is even possible! You are growing up entirely too fast! Making me feel old 😉

What’s even more amazing to me is that at 10 years old you are one of the most incredible and inspiring people I have ever met in my life. That is in no way an exaggeration! You are so beautiful on the outside but more importantly is that amazing inner beauty you possess. You are kind, loving, sincere, and so so SOO smart! You have such an incredible passion for dance, life, people and most importantly God. You light up a room when you come in not just because your are gorgeous but because your radiate a true joy that comes from your incredible love for Jesus.

And I know that you’ll be starting middle school soon, and I know you are a tough girl who always stands up for what you believe in but I just want to tell you, there will be girls who are mean, they will talk bad about you even if you do nothing wrong. There will be boys who try to break your heart, people will put you down and maybe make you cry but I want you to know you are stronger than all of that. You have such an amazing family who loves you and we will always always be here. People suck a lot sometimes but they’re broken too and I believe you will be Jesus to them all!

So always stay true to the beautiful person you are, always be kind, caring and passionate. Love people the best way you know how and when you make mistakes own them; let them teach you and grow you.  Always have fun, be loud, go on adventures and never stop hugging your parents and little sister. And know your parents love you and are regularly in awe of your incredible spirit. And Reagan looks up to you, as a younger sister myself I know we can be annoying sometimes but seriously no one will have your back like she does. No one loves like a sister can so treasure that and keep her close.

Most importantly NEVER EVER stop being this incredible person God created you to be, seek HIM with all you have. Lean on him when it hurts and never give up on your dreams.

I love you my dearest Avery

Your ‘sister’,

Shelby ❤