by shelbyisrad

I’m a dreamer, I have been for my entire life I’m sure. As a child dreams were my way of escaping the harsh reality I lived in and dreaming became my passion. I still dream, I have so many dreams and I explore them all a little through different points in my life. I have always loved dreaming, day dreaming, dreams as I sleep. Dreams of my future, dreams of heaven, dreams of being a princess.

I’ve spent a lot of my life dreaming and I’ve recently joined up with a project called Every1Dreams I actually became a piece of this project back in 2008 when I spent my time in the forums of postsecret.com a guy posted about a project he wanted to do, similar to post secret but collecting dreams and I sent him this image

I was 16 when I sent that in, idr what i meant by ‘star’ and I’m not sure I did then but I’v always dreamed of being a shining light in this dark world.

The project got put on hold for a while but with Brian, and a few others we are trying to revive this project, we haven’t nailed down what we exactly want to do with it or what we want it to look like but isn’t that the beauty of dreams? The possibilities of it all. If you wanna check out every1dreams heres our facebook, current website (which we are updating), and our twitter account to stay connected with us and see this project take off!