2012 Love List

by shelbyisrad

I’ve never liked creating New Years Resolutions because I never really keep up with them but the wonderful Courtney at Be More With Less shared her form of a resolution… a ‘Love List’ in her words:

Instead of firm goal setting or setting resolutions, make a list of the things you’d love to do or start doing in 2012. A new year allows for a fresh start, clean slate or new approach. Actually, you can create those things for yourself anytime, but a new year is a special invitation to be bold, brave, and different.

Make a love list for 2012 including every possible thing you would like to consider in life, love, business and relationships. What would you really love to do in 2012? What would you like to see? Who will you be and who will you be with in 2012?

Before you start your list, eliminate the roadblocks and dream killers. This is not a list for accountability. You won’t be crossing things off or crying over your undone tasks at the end of the year. Instead, use your list to fuel your creative pursuits and to encourage routine breaking behavior. Let your love list remind you what is most important in your life.

My Love List for now:

Learn Italian

Refresh my Spanish and learn more

Yoga every week -In general work on wellness and fitness

Try New Recipes

Read 2 books for FUN each month

Throw away stuff

Tell my story

Learn to bake bread

Go out with my roommates as often as possible

Learn Night Photography

Learn more about using Grandma’s DSLR

Save for a type writer, record player, and a sewing machine

Do more with my blog

Create an art journal and journal regularly

Go on adventures

Become more of a ‘hippy chick’ (hi jayme)

Be more crafty

Light candles often (try not to set off any fire alarms)

Dance a lot

Illuminate the world.

Get a tattoo


Building myself up -practicing self love

Strengthen my relationship with God