Illuminating enlightenment.

by shelbyisrad

Last night I watched David Crowder* Band’s last concert through the passion live stream. They sang a new song that had me jumping out of my skin. It was like everything I’ve been chewing on the last few weeks put into song.

Choosing Illuminate as my one word for 2012 started to scare the hell out of me because I had no idea how I could do any kind of illuminating, sure I can seek out the light in my life but I also needed to shine. The chorus of the song went like this

“If I could feel you shine your prepetual light, then maybe I could crawl out of this tonight

If I could feel you shine, Oh let me feel you shine.

So beautiful and warm, so beautiful and bright 

Like the sun coming out of a rainy sky

Oh let me feel you shine” 

Apart from God I can do nothing on my own. I cannot light up this world by myself.

I can only be a reflection of Christ shining on me.

Oh let me feel you shine.