About dreams.

by shelbyisrad

“Everyone has Oceans to fly, if they have the Heart to do it. Is it reckless, maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?”

– Amelia Earhart

I  just want to encourage you today to chase your dreams. That thing God put on your heart that makes your pulse race and gives you butterflies to think about. Embrace it! Tear after it, Go after it, OWN IT. Live and breathe that dream and do not be afraid to fail! Fearlessness is not the absence of fear but looking your fears in the face and and pulling every ounce of bravery you have and going for it anyway.

“If you know you will have more swag when you get your dream, then walk with swag from the kitchen to the car.” –Carlos Whittaker on being a Dream Chaser

Reminds me of the story my grandma tells me when she was going to school for her art and she knew she wanted to one day work as an art director. Every day she walked into the cafeteria looking at the mirrored windows and walked like she was the director and she knew it. (She got that job by the way)

“Here’s to creating risky pointless crap because we must. And here’s to bigger-over-arching dreams that beckon us into foolishness.” –Mandy Steward on Owning Your Dreams

So what’s your dream?

And whatever is holding you back from it  round-house kick it out of the way and grab hold of your dream. Make it happen.