Journaling Through January

by shelbyisrad

One of the loveliest, sweetest bloggers I’ve connected with is Laura from Along for the Ride.

This month she’s been posting ‘Journaling through January’ prompts and I’ve actually done a dang good job of journaling my answers to them each day.

So far the prompt that resonated with me and really created a lot of insight for me was day 3:

“What were some challenges you faced last year?

Write about those challenges, what you learned, and how God used them to strengthen your spirit.”
And when writing about these challenges I had the epiphany that the biggest challenges I faced in 2011 all forced me to put God first, not people. In fact just about every big challenge in my life has taught me that, because I tend to forget it a lot.
I think it comes from my deep love for people and how much I desire the closeness of people. I’m a very compassionate person and I long to be with people and shine light into their lives.
But often times I put my self entirely too much into people and usually end up getting hurt or eventually feeling a disconnect from God.  I have been learning and will continuously be learning throughout my life I’m sure to love on people by loving God first. And pouring myself out into Him so I can be filled with God then let that overflow be what I pour into people.