New Stuff

by shelbyisrad

So lots of new things happening these days!

I start back to school tomorrow… all new classes, some i’m really pumped about others are kinda meh.

I also plan on buying these tennies and trying out running… for those who know me well they probably think I’ve been replaced by a martian to even consider running is a huge thing for me. But the fact those shoes are word WITHOUT socks is super duper appealing to me… i hate shoes, but these from the reviews are the closest thing to being barefoot you can get without wearing those weird glovey-toe shoes.


I’ve also double dog dared myself to blog 5 times a week and keep up with my bible reading plan this month. (Though the bible reading plan will continue for the rest of the year) I was very successful last week! and So far doing great this week to. I’m loving the community built over at the Squam blog! Those are some lovely and amazing ladies!

Not so new, but so freaking great is being back with my roommates. I missed them so freaking much this past month! Cannot wait for girl bonding!!!! ❤ I love them lots 🙂

Another something that is new (that you probably saw if you follow me on twitter or are my friend on facebook) I got my hair cut! Not as sure as i had really thought i wanted, but i also really like the length it is so i didn’t tell her to go shorter. I am loving my sweet little swoopy side bangs quite a lot though.


Thats what’s new in my life… What about you??