January Currently

by shelbyisrad

(idea via Elise Blaha)

counting down the days until my birthday!!! (even though its 5 months away)

remembering my grandpa a lot and my last relationship. Both have been on my mind a lot

collecting words of wisdom from some great blogging ladies… I want to do a post soon of all my favorite daily reads

considering starting running! I actually just bought running shoes

hoping my classes will be fun and interesting

ordering running shoes, New DCB CD and planning to pick a few books from my amazon wishlist

celebrating being with my roommates again. Sweet Jesus I missed them

enjoying instagram!!!! (i’m addicted)

struggling with loneliness.

choosing to read my bible every time i get lonely

I added these!

reading Shiver by and my bible

listening David Crowder Band’s new (and last) CD

watching Revenge on Hulu Plus (so much of my hometown in it its kinda weird)

loving my ipod! Its so wonderful