Illuminate Week 2

by shelbyisrad

Documenting my word. Remembering and seeking all the light this year. Its anything that brought an enlightenment to me, gave me goose bumps, or just brought light into my world. I hopefully will be illuminating the world for others to.

Light and love this week:


“Making mistakes is an essential part of learning β€” loving and living! Let’s go!” –Beautiful words from my favorite stargardener

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness.”
– Esther Hicks via Mastin Kipp @ The Daily Love



insights gathered
loving myself, working on wellness and fitness are really important. As is strengthening my relationship with Christ and these are my number one priorities!
Also it’s okay to be lonely and sometimes being alone is the bravest thing you can do
Love List Progress:

Started Yoga this week!! 6:45 AM and I LOVED IT! Also started biking to class AND my running shoes came in so i plan on running! or trying to haha

I’ve been blogging consistently and keeping on track with my Bible Reading plan

In the ‘be more crafty’ department I bough a knitting loom and some beautiful yarn and started my first hat!!!!

I’ve been dancing a lot. πŸ™‚

And in the building myself up/self love I treated myself to some pretty things from Victoria Secret