by shelbyisrad

Ugh, So I’m not going to go on and on about it but i fell off my blogging streak as well as my bible-reading streak. I was doing so good for two weeks then bam school hit and it caught me off guard in a major way.

But this is me shaking it all of, dusting off the rubble from the crash of reality i felt and moving on.
Tomorrow morning I will get up, I will read my bible, get a good breakfast then start my new running plan.

I will then come back and do homework and find a few minutes to get out all my blogging thoughts and maybe produce a post and if I don’t i t will be okay . Blogging is important to me but my bible reading and school has to take priority.

I would love some encouragement in all of this because in my typical fashion I was being really hard on myself for not sticking to my plan. I need to get all that self-hate OUT.

I also would love your prayers (or good thoughts/well wishes) about an application I am filling out for an incredible opportunity.
Also we are launching our full-blown student ministry this week and I really need prayers to stay encouraged and filled. Its going to take a lot of work out of our team but I know it will be awesome.


Love to all of you beautiful people, and I will try to get another post or two out this week!