Beautiful People who create Beautiful Things

by shelbyisrad

Okay, so I know the loveliest, sweetest, couple who are EXTREMELY talented. But even better than their talent is the fact that they are kind and super duper in love with Jesus.

Jen and Hal Griffin run Remnant where they create gorgeous bags (I own three ) from great fabrics and recycled leather. They make other beautiful things like leather earrings, hide cuffs, and other great things. Not to mention Jen is also a ridiculously gifted photographer. And like I said they’re pretty much two of the greatest people you could ever meet.

(All images from their blog!)

The point of this post is to say you need to go to their blog, follow on twitter and shop ’til you drop. 🙂


Its also to say they have a collab in the works with a new company I disocvered through a post from Jen called The Old Try.

And ohmyword they are deliciously southern! They create impeccable, southern-to-the-core letterpress prints. They are seriously breathtaking! And if they’re friends with Hal and Jen you can assume they’re amazing people as well!

These two prints pretty much stole my heart:

And I’m officially saving up to buy them both because they’re absolutely perfect.

And you should also check out their SHOP/BLOG/TWITTER 

So get to clicking darlings!