Beautiful People who create Beautiful things

by shelbyisrad

I’d love to make this into a series, not necessarily weekly but just whenever the inspiration strikes.

Today it was struck by The Mandys…. two bloggers i’ve mentioned before Mandy Steward and Mandy Thompson 

Oh the Mandys are so freaking great! They’re soul-searchers, pot-stirrers, and i’d even call them rebels in the most inspiring and love filled ways. They are strong, brave women who are a daily inspiration through their blogs, twitter pages, and oh their instagrams! I love when either of them post pictures. These are women I’d like to be like when I grow up… whenever growing up actually happens. Both Mandys inspire me to dream big dreams, be sassy, unique, and to listen to myself. They inspire me to do what i’m afraid to do, to get messy, take chances, and question whatever needs to be questioned.

The best part is these two artists have BOTH recently made their art available to buy! To say I squeed when I saw they each had etsy shops would be an understatement because I SQUEEED!
These three prints from Mandy Thompson’s shop would be PERFECT hung all together, I’d put them in the blank space next to my window that is begging to be filled with art.

mmmm so much yellow goodness! So much inspiration!

Each picture links back to the listing, but you can click here for Mandy Thompson’s BLOG//SHOP//TWITTER 
Mandy also makes beautiful music! Check it out HERE.

And now for some goodies from Mandy Steward’s shop!

And her secret messages. ohyes.

Those pictures all link to the etsy listings, get more Mandy Steward at her BLOG//TWITTER//SHOP

You can also check out Mandy’s ebooks and other goodies RIGHT HERE