Inspiration (Yoga related)

by shelbyisrad

I really enjoy yoga, so much so that I willingly get up at 6 AM tues/thurs to go to  yoga class before my 8 AM class. I love it, i’m not nearly as good as some of the people in there but I enjoy pushing myself, being aware of my body, and taking time for myself to just relax a few days a week. So in my love for yoga i stumbled across this video: (warning, yes she is in her underwear but that is SO not what this video is about)


1. this girl is bad ass

2. that apartment is amazing

3. i want to someday this skilled at one thing, not necessarily yoga but anything i fall in love with and want to truly chase after

4. i want to learn to do a head stand


p.s. i’m looking for a new yoga mat, i want a thick one that has a pretty pattern (all the pretty patterned ones i found online are not thick) if you know where i can find one lemme know.