The need to be lead.

by shelbyisrad

I have a best friend named Jayme, and she is the best for a bazillion reasons but the number one reason she is the best friend I have is because of her response anytime I mention a guy and its always

“Does he love Jesus?” and “Can he lead you spiritually?”

She asks me “Does he love Jesus like YOU do?”

Because she knows how much I love Jesus, and how important my relationship is with Him. And because she watched me spend way too long in a relationship I was being drained from because he couldn’t lead me spiritually. She knew the ache in my heart because I was trying to make the guy I was dating into a spiritual leader he just wasn’t. And she saw the hurt i experienced when I needed to be lead and looked to the man in my life and didn’t get what I needed.

Because ladies, in your dating relationships and ESPECIALLY in your marriage/future marriage YOU NEED TO BE LEAD.

And if you’re anything like me you desire to be lead, when you have spent yourself encouraging and lifting others up you should be able to look the your man to encourage you and lead you spiritually. When you struggle with your faith, it makes the struggle a lot lighter when the man in your life can help you figure it out. Don’t expect him to have all the answers by any means, but if your significant other cannot guide you, (or doesn’t even point you to your bible) you need to get out.

Yes that sounds extreme but, my friends I say this because I care. If he isn’t leading you get out. Take a break, BREAK UP, whatever you think you need to do, please do it. Don’t try to convince yourself you can change him, don’t think he’s going to magically change because he hears a good sermon. He won’t turn into the man you need if he is focusing on YOU. No matter how good of a guy he is, no matter how sweet or charming. If he’s not chasing Jesus in his pursuit of you he’s not going to be the man you need.

So I’m going to be your Jayme and ask

Does he love Jesus as much as you do?

And if he doesn’t, please consider what I said about stepping away from the relationship.

It sucks to do it. It hurts, oh man it hurts but it gets better.