by shelbyisrad

My seventh time seeing Needtobreathe in 2 years and they were as mind-blowingly awesome as always.

(I was kinda sad to be so far away, I’ve been spoiled in the past, the last concert i could literally sit on the stage)

In my opinion they’re the greatest band of all time. My lovely friend sue has lots of videos from the many concerts she’s been to (I was there with her at a lot of them) on her youtube channel. Click to watch! And I’m gonna hopefully share a video of my own from this show here soon.

Oh and I met Ben Recter who opened for NTB and was pretty dang awesome too.

Emily and Hanna are two of the coolest high school chicks ever. I adore them!
And even though I don’t have a picture of her I LOVE ME SOME WENDY!

Jestine’s is hands-down my favorite restaurant ever in the history of the world. you should go sometime.

❤ ❤ ❤

p.s. for Emily, Wendy, and Hanna…
Blue Ivy.