Spring Break

by shelbyisrad

I could probably write 3-4 blog posts about my spring break this year. But i don’t have the time or patience for all that so I’m going to post some of the pics I took to give you a glimpse. 🙂

Sandy Toes and sweet tea in my water bottle =perfection

This is how the beach looks when doing downward facing dog in yoga… just so ya know.

(thats a huge jelly fish i touched)

(I won)

He was my first ‘boyfriend’ in middle school. Which just meant we held hands a lot and passed notes to each other. I punched his arm the time he tried to kiss my cheek. Hah. Now he’s one of my best friends and I never get to see him!

It was a treat to meet Heather in real life! She is amazing, she helped me admit something out loud that I didn’t even know I needed to admit, and just filled my life with a sweet joy. And her munchkins are freaking adorable!

There was a lot more to our trip than just these pics. So I will probably end up doing a post of instagrams and pics from jess’s cam. 😀

It was the best week of the year I think.

And I am seriously blessed to have Jessica in my life! This week just made me realize more how much I value her. I don’t think I could’ve made it through these past two years without her.