Things I know to be true

by shelbyisrad

1. I am a dreamer {but i struggle putting names to those dreams}

2. I am far from normal {and i like it}

3. I am really okay being single {and I’m done feeling lonely}

4. I am an artist

5. I like people {and really dislike them sometimes too}

6. Some of the people I feel most connected to I met through the internet {and i love them dearly}

7. Clouds make more sense to me than many other things.

8. I will never know ‘what i wanna do with my life’ {besides one day being a mom}

9. I will always love people immensely {and often give more love than I receive}

10. I do not need approval from this world.

11. I like the things I like because I do {and I don’t need to explain my reasons to people}

12. Cake is the best thing to eat for breakfast {and coffee is good anytime}

13. Dancing/Sleeping are the two best remedies for most of my problems.

14. Time cannot be spent, saved, wasted, or used up.

15. Cats win in my world always.