by shelbyisrad

I am a musical person. While I don’t currently play an instrument I spent my entire middle and high school career as a band geek.
I get music, I am often touched deeply by it and when I love a song/band I love it hard. I mentioned in my last post that part of being creative was listening to music that stirs my soul. And  Monica asked me to know the music that stirred my soul. I could probably write a gazillion posts about this but for now I’ll share my favorite band (which most people know or figure out within minutes of meeting me) and some songs on my ‘Good stuff’ playlist.

Without a doubt I firmly believe that NEEDTOBREATHE is the greatest band in the history of the world. And nothing anyone says will convince me otherwise. And I’m not saying YOU have to think they’re the greatest band in the history of the world (though they are) but its a firm belief of mine. They have released 4 Studio Albums(one is also deluxe), all which I have and a Live album that I LOVE (one of the songs was from my first concert eeek!) and I also have an old EP of theirs.

To understand my love of NTB i’ll list some facts related to me and the band:

1. I’ve seen them live 7 times

2. 24 of my 25 Most played on itunes are NTB

3. I’ve met them all, took pictures, hugged, and chatted with them and kept it mega cool the whole time.

4. I know every word to just about every single song… and several of those songs I sing a long to all the instruments as well.

5. I know all the guitar solo/jams on their live CD and I sing to them

6. I’ve spent countless hours watching videos of them on youtube.

7. If you ask me my favorite song of theirs i just cannot do it, I end up in a 1o minute rambling of why they’re all amazing.

Okay i’ve spent 15 minutes trying to decide which Needtobreathe videos to post… and I CANNOT DECIDE!

So i will post a link to their youtube account. Please go listen.
Also a good friend of mine has recoreded a BUNCH of their shows (many i’ve been with her) so go watch those here.

And I just put together a spotify playlist of all the songs they have on spotify which is their four albums and live album CLICK.
Okay and I’m picking a few videos to post though you should really spend hours listening to them all 😉

Okay I’m stopping myself before I get out of control.
And since i don’t want to overwhelm you I’m just going to share NTB today, I’ll gather another post of other soul stirring music soon. 🙂

p.s. here is NTB’s
twitter, facebook,  website, and merchandise