Found new love

by shelbyisrad

I have found a new love.


I am smitten. My dear friend heather, came to visit and brought me a hoop to decorate and keep!

And after she left i moved the coffee table and chair and tried to hoop in the living room.

I definitely didn’t lost my ability to hoop at my waist. (i was great at is as a kid) and I immediately started looking up youtube tutorials. First goal is to bring the hoop from my waist to my neck. I haven’t had much luck… i can’t seem to get it past my rib cage, but it’ll happen! practice practice practice!

I am seriously hooked, while I was cooking dinner and the pasta boiled i kept running between hooping and checking the pasta. And i’ve just been sitting with it while art journaling and bogging.

Ready for it to be warm again outside so i can hoop outside!

Oh! I’ll post a video when i can do more than just hoop around my waist 🙂