10 on 10 April 2012

by shelbyisrad

Rebekah from A bit of Sunshine hosts a fun little project every month called 10 on 10. its 10 photos for 10 consecutive hours on the 10th of the month!

Here are my 10.

7AM Wake up and head to the Keurig

8AM Get to Creative Writing Class

9AM Finishing up in CRW

10 AM Target/Platos Closet Run

11 AM Hooping in the woods and hanging with the roomies

12PM Walking to Class (with Cassidy and a cupcake)

1PM In COM 105 (munching on cheez-its)

2PM Storytelling Class

3pm Done with classes, walking back to the apartment

4pm Computer stuffs

5PM shower and getting ready to go to a show tonight.


a snapshot of my day 🙂