Some things I’m looking for

by shelbyisrad

Not that i’m actively looking for a significant other right now, i’m pretty content being single. But I’ve realized some things I’m looking for in my future S.O. or more like a few things my future S.O. is going to have to accept about me…

1. Hooping -I’ve realized most people don’t get it… my future S.O. will hopefully respond with “Dude that sounds awesome” when I say I hoop not “Really? Thats weird” like a lot of people do. (fyi i have a strong urge to punch the people who have such judgey tones to their smart ass comments when I say anything about hooping)

2. I’m messy, my room is chaos, i spill my food all the time and i tend to leave piles of my stuff everywhere.

3. I love love love wearing heels. If you have an issue with me being tall (or taller than you) you can just go away.

4. 95% of the time i could care less about make up. Moisturizer and a bit of mascara sometimes are my usual

5. I like candy and sweets and I will eat them as often as i’d like. I exercise and take care of my body. No snarky comments about my sugar consumption.

6. I like being girly and wearing dresses and having tea parties. I like painting my nails all different colors and I laugh really loudly

7. Life is meant to be fun, i am optimistic always. Don’t bring your pessimism on me.

8. Blogging and the wonderful friends i’ve made through it are incredibly special to me.

9. I can be incredibly emotional and I’m super compassionate.

10. Jesus is my homeboy (really he’s my savior. but i’ve always wanted to say that)