Beauty in the Bruises

by shelbyisrad

This post has been floating in my mind since I started hooping. Heather warned me that I’d get bruises from it, and she was right.
After the first hour i had a bruise blooming on my leg. I bruise easily because of my nearly translucent skin so I wasn’t surprised. I used to have constant bruises on each hip because I ran into the tables at the restaurant I worked at for years.

But these bruises were different, I saw them and grinned, these bruises though painful {especially when i’d try hooping again and the hoop banged against those tender spots} seemed beautiful to me. Because they showed the work I was doing, they showed me trying to do something I wanted to do for a long time.

My bruises show I am chasing a dream.

My bruises show I am trying.

My bruises show the beauty of doing something I love {and i’m falling deeper in love with it}

My bruises are beautiful against my fair skin, they show colors of experiencing life.

My bruises have caused people to ask questions and with a giddy grin I explain to them I’m learning to hula hoop! {people always give you the funniest look when you proclaim that. and then when explaining its a ‘grown up’ hoop a lot of them seem envious of my fun}

But bruises aren’t really all that fun. On wednesday I got so frustrated trying to figure out a hooping trick I cursed and threw my hoop on the floor and crawled into bed pouting. I realized it was rather silly to get so worked up over a hula hoop, but this dream of mine {hoop dancing} has burrowed into my heart and I want to be good at it. Its become more than something to do for fun, its something I want to invest time in because its fun and makes my heart happy.

But with that investment comes the chance of failure, and self-doubt, and funny looks from people who don’t get it. But the desire to do something well beats out the fears of failure that try and creep in. The funny looks I will meet back with a grin {and possibly stick my tongue out at them, they think i’m childish anyway.} and I will look self-doubt in the eye and say “Get the hell out of here” I have no room for it.

I will show off my bruises, because #hooping isn’t for wimps.

Its for the brave, the adventurous, the fun loving -child like souls who want to do something great.