by shelbyisrad

 One of my most favorite bloggers  friends, Rain, (soul-) prompted us to blurt whatever we want. blurting reveals your deepest truths (i’ve heard) so some things I feel like blurting in this moment:

  • Sometimes people irk my nerves so much, I am in general a very tolerant and loving person but sometimes i just want to slap people. Or scream at them to: (1) leave me alone (2) stop being an ass (3) think of other people for once and not be so stuck on themselves.
  • When you paint your nails and then completely mess them up… thats really annoying
  • I am so so so tired of school. I consider quitting about 500 times a day.
  • I want to find someone who loves me unconditionally. I am tired of boys and the games they play. I would like to meet a new guy who i have no real past connections with to change my mind that most of the males i know are rather disappointing and often big jerk heads.

Not sure if these blurts reveal any deep thoughts (nails… really?) but it was what came out when i started typing. So i’m going with it.

Senses shared:

Thinking: that i really need a job

Feeling: frustrated with life

Seeing: my messy ways spread all over the apartment (and my room)

Reading: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (and loving it)

Wanting: To start running again and actually stick to a plan