by shelbyisrad

April is National Poetry Month! And I’ve been writing a lot of poetry this month (most for creative writing) I just revised this poem and I’m going to submit it (and another) for grading soon. and I must say I’m pretty dang proud of it. I’m also including the picture my dear friend Casey Lauren took that really captures me on the day I wrote about


May 29th, 2011.

You’re invited to my twentieth birthday to be held in Grandma’s front yard!

20 years old and you were all there to celebrate me
My life and growing older.

All my closest friends who had become family;
The ones who comforted me when Grandpa died.

And once again you were all there to envelop me
Washing away the worries of celebrating without him.

The wind brushed against the layers of tulle
Of the fluffy skirt dancing around my legs.

My feet were bare; I scrunched my toes into the earth,
Grounding myself into the beautiful moment.

Surrounded by your faces and smiles,
Love filled my heart and escaped into my throat.

The lump stuck there as my eyes watered
And I felt secure in all this love.

The strumming of guitars, chorus of chickens
And laughter paraded through my ears.

While the sparkling tiara on my head proclaimed,
I was growing up today even in the face of loss.